I will join UCSC’s Computer Science and Engineering department this Fall as a PhD student, advised by Prof. Ioannis Demertzis.

I’m an Iranian Computer Science student with almost 3 years of industry experience as a Data Infrastructure Engineer. I’m currently doing a research internship at Max Planck Institute for Informatics.

Previously, I:

  • Was a data infrastructure engineer at CafeBazaar Cloud (now called Sotoon): our team provided the platform to transfer, store, and analyze big data at petabyte scale for multiple user-facing apps with 84M+ active users across Android, iOS, and web;
  • Did a Data Engineering summer internship at Sahab Pardaz after the first year of my bachelor’s, where we deveolped a practice web search engine; And,
  • Collaborated with Dr. Shahin Rouhani of Sharif University of Technology as a Machine Learning Engineer.


I am a systems engineer. Generally, my interests are:

  • Operating Systems: scheduling, security, kernels, firmwares, virtualization, containerization, etc.;
  • Architecture: accelerators, hardware-software co-design, SoCs;
  • File Systems and Storage: general-purpose or domain-specific;
  • Distributed Computing: storage systems, cloud computing, scheduling, databases, application-specific accelerators (ex. distributed machine-learning), etc.

In addition, I’m interested in combinations of these, like resource disaggregation. I’m also interested in Computer Networks and Security.

  • Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering

    U.C. Santa Cruz

  • B.Sc., Computer Science, 2021

    Sharif University of Technology


For more details see my CV

Research Intern
Aug 2020 – Present Saarbrücken, Germany (remote)
Data Infrastructure Engineer
Jul 2018 – May 2021 Tehran, Iran
  • Providing the platform to transfer, store, and analyze big data at petabyte scale
  • Set up and/or maintained Apache {Druid, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, Zeppelin, ZooKeeper} and M3DB clusters/services
  • Developed Kubernetes operators to manage Apache {Kafka, Hadoop, ZooKeeper} clusters in a Platform as a Service environment
Machine Learning Engineer
GojeSabz Big Data
Feb 2018 – Sep 2019 Tehran, Iran
  • Collaborated with Dr. Shahin Rouhani and a team of students from Sharif University of Technology
  • Built a deep learning-based Farsi text Object Character Recognition (OCR) pipeline
Data Engineering Intern
Jul 2017 – Sep 2017 Tehran, Iran
  • Developed a distributed and highly available web search engine indexing millions of websites
  • Set up, maintained, and developed a document index/fetch wrapper for ElasticSearch